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What stories
do your hands tell?

What stories do your hands have to tell? If you'd like to share them, we'd love to hear from you.

You can also commission us to take portraits of your hands—this would make a great gift, or print for your home.

Fill in the contact form below to get involved. 


"Two years ago, Diane Morgan spent an afternoon with me taking photos of my hands. It was an informal photo shoot with Di catching different aspects in different light, inside and out.  The outcome was astonishing for me – I could see the age in my hands, but also the elegance and life experience. I chose three photos and sent a framed copy to each of my adult children. Their reaction was strong and filled with love. Each had tears in their eyes as they talked to me about what I mean to them and how the photos reminded them of my place in their lives. Diane’s creativity and stunning photos gave me and my family a priceless opportunity to reflect on family, history and life. Thank you Di."

Contact us via this form
if you'd like to be involved in the These Hands project.

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